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Dm800SE DreamBox DIY Infrared Remote Extension ( No repeater )

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This guide will show you how to relocate your dream box or multimedia device into a location where it will not be able to receive a infrared signal . Mine is located in the garage in my server rack .


1.) Purchase the following -

         1x Flat network cable ( at the required length you require )

         1x Network Coupler

         1x Infrared Receiver ( For a DreamBox dm800se it is a " TSOP4138 Vishay Photodiode, Ir Receiver, 38Khz ")

2.) Cut a meter off of the network cable and strip one end ( this will be used within the dreambox )

3.) Strip the individual colours plastic coating off so you have something to solder to .

4.) Choose 3 colours you wish to use i.e. Orange,Blue and Green and solder them to the rear of the old IR receiver ( as shown in the pictures below )









5.) Now as in the pictures remove the rear cover from the Satellite card on the rear and pass the end of the cable through the gap . You can now attach this to the coupler , i would also recommend putting some hot glue onto the newly soldered wires to keep them in place .

6.) Now to make the other end of the cable , using the rest of the length of cable , strip the end already cut and match up the colours already soldered to the existing IR receiver to the new receiver . You can see mine in the picture below .



7.) Once this is soldered on , i would recommend some heat shrink on the soldered connections . You can now connect the rj45 end to the coupler like in the picture above .


8.) The picture above shows mine mounted above my sonos playbar . Its a lot smaller than a IR repeater and works flawlessly like the box was located in the room .


Please note : I would recommend covering up the old receiver ( even if the box is behind the wall ) as you could get some cross talk between the receivers .

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