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OSX Mavericks Active Directory Integration with Profile Manager - Complete set up guide

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A Quick guide on howto setup OSX Mavericks with active directory and profile manager. 27/03/2014. This includes Profile manager working with Active directory user accounts.

*Update 12/03/2015* Since Yosemite this guide has now become mostly obsolete , but i will leave it here for future reference.


1.) Install a Fresh clean install of Mavericks , Create a admin account during the setup


2.)At First login goto System Preferences , Sharing

Change the Computer Name for e.g. "NewMacServer" ( no spaces )

Then Click Edit and replace the Local hostname with the same name .

Reboot After this .

3.)If you are using DHCP for the IP address of the server make sure you have set a reservation and opened the apropriate ports for OSX profile pushing . The following ports need to be opened on your external/Internet facing firewall.

2195, 2196 TCP Used by Profile Manager to send push notifications
5223 TCP Used to maintain a persistent connection to APNs and receive push notifications
80/443 TCP Provides access to the web interface for Profile Manager admin
1640 TCP Enrollment access to the Certificate Authority


4.) Open a terminal window and run the following

Set the hostname
sudo scutil --set HostName NewMacServer

Set the ComputerName

sudo scutil --set ComputerName NewMacServer

Set the Local Hostname

sudo scutil --set LocalHostName NewMacServer

Now check

sudo changeip -checkhostname

It should show the following

Primary address =
Current HostName = NewMacServer
DNS HostName = NewMacServer
The names match. There is nothing to change.
dirserv:success = "success"

5.) Binding the Server to AD

Goto users and groups >Login options > Unlock bottom left using admin credentials > Click the Join button > Input the full domain name of your AD server " Server.domain.com " , and now input all your admin credentials and join the AD server .

Back at the User & groups window change the " Display Login window as " to "Name and Password"


6.) Apple Server Install

Goto the Appstore and now download the latest Apple Server App ( Install this by clicking next and running through the installation)


7.) Run the server app

Open the server app in applications > Click profile Manager > Click Configure > Click Next > Enter password for diradmin > Click Setup

( This will now create the open directory master , Certificates etc )

Tick Sign configuration profiles , and choose your certificate

Now turn on Profile manager ( top right slider)

Now goto Websites , and slide the website to ON


8.) Browse Profile manager

Goto https://server.domain.com/profilemanger ( you can now login with your OD admin account )


9.) Joining Clients to Profile manager



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