The following task is to copy/export a users mailbox into PST format , for some bizarre reason you are required to use a 32bit x86 operating system . You will also need to exchange management tools installed as this task requires the Exchange Shell .



The first thing that is needed is to add your user account which you will be using to extract the mailbox to the mailbox you wish to extract.

#The following command is needed to be run on the Exchange shell on the 32bit OS

{code brush:bash} Add-MailboxPermission –Id <USERSMAILBOX> –User <MYACCOUNT> –AccessRights ‘FullAccess’

#once this is done run the following command , this will get some statistics on the user accounts . This will also show you the FULL NAME of the mailbox account which is needed for copying.

 Get-MailboxStatistics -Server "SERVER" 

#Create a folder on your hard disk called PSTs , run the following command to now COPY the old users mailbox to a pst file in the PSTs folder.

 Export-Mailbox -Identity "FULL NAME" -PSTFolderPath c:\PSTs 

#Now create another new user and mailbox on the server and use the following command to import all the previous extracted users emails into the new user account .

Import-Mailbox -Identity username@company.co.uk -PSTFolderPath C:\PSTs\username.pst