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FrontMotion Firefox Install With Group Policy And Custom Settings

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b2ap3_thumbnail_frontmotion-firefox.pngInstalling FrontMotion Firefox With Group Policy modifications & Custom Install Files

Download the Frontmotion Firefox MSI from their website , use the following bat in SCCM to install

msiexec /i "FMFirefoxCEESR-52.0.1-en-GB.msi" /qn
xcopy "Files\chrome.manifest" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser" /C /D /I /Y
xcopy "Files\local-settings.js" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref" /C /D /I /Y
xcopy "Files\Mozilla.cfg" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox" /C /D /I /Y
xcopy "Files\Override.ini" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox" /C /D /I /Y
xcopy "Files\Override.ini" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser" /C /D /I /Y

Put the following Files in a Folder in your SCCM package within a folder called "Files"


override chrome://browser/content/aboutPrivateBrowsing.xhtml data:text/html,Disabled
override chrome://global/content/config.xul data:text/html,Disabled
override chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul data:text/html,Disabled
override chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul data:text/html,Disabled
override chrome://browser/content/aboutaccounts/aboutaccounts.xhtml data:text/html,Disabled
override chrome://browser/content/setDesktopBackground.xul data:text/html,Disabled
override chrome://browser/content/preferences/connection.xul data:text/html,Disabled


 pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0); // only needed if you do not want to obscure the content with ROT-13
 pref("general.config.filename", "Mozilla.cfg");


lockPref("xpinstall.enabled" ,false);



These Files will Disable Install's for Addons , and also disable access to certain menu items such as proxy information , add-ons page , signin for firefox etc From Frontmotion you can also download an ADMX template , i have the following settings set Under Computer configuration




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