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The purpose of this Blog Entry is to show you how a script can update the IP of your Tracker if your dynamic ip changes ( and you host your own Tracking server , i.e. Traccar)


Most of these cheaper GPRS trackers dont allow you to set the tracking server as a DNS host name. So basically if your IP changes your car wont send the tracking data to your server and you will have to manually update it via TXT . Another possible benefit of this script is it automates a SMS response and your tracker will reply to it ( which means your simcard will have SMS activity and wont expire)


The original script was found HERE , this was aimed I think at the USA market . This script is aimed more at the UK market.

The provider who we will be using to send the free text messages out is http://www.smspi.co.uk/ , Please sign-up for an account.

Please install CURL in your Linux environment

Ok the way this script works is

1.) You install the script as a 5 min cron

2.) Every 5 mins the script checks http://ipecho.net/plain to receive your current outside IP in plain text

3.) it stores the current IP in a file located in Etc/ called .IP-cache

4.) if the IP is still current the script ends .

5.) if the IP has changed the value in .IP-cache the following command is sent to the tracker via TXT/SMSPI.co.uk

curl --data "to=PHONENUMBER&message=adminip123456 $current 5001 &hash=YOURHASHCODE" http://www.smspi.co.uk/send/

 6.) This code sends a text message to your trackers phone number setting the new ip of your tracking server including port etc .


 Plain and simple , i didn't edit much so hats off to "David Wayne Baxter" for creating the base script .

You can get the API HASH from your login via smsip.co.uk


And here is the script you need

# Before using, home directory references must be modified to match invoking user.
# Additionally, run touch on ~/.ip-cache prior to first run to avoid issues.
prev=`/bin/cat $cache`
current=`/usr/bin/wget -qO- http://ipecho.net/plain`
# trap possible wget error
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
   exit 1;
# new IP found
if [ "$current" != "$prev" ]; then

curl --data "to=YOURNUMBER&message=adminip123456 $current 5001 &hash=YOURHASH" http://www.smspi.co.uk/send/
   # SMS was successfully delivered to Google Voice
   # (impossible to determine whether SMS was delivered to phone)
   if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
      /bin/echo "$current" > "$cache"
      exit 0
   # SMS send failed
      exit 1;
# old IP still present
   exit 0;


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