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How to replace a BT Junction Box with a BT Openreach Master Socket NTE5

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How to replace a BT Junction/Joint box with a New BT master socket .




1.) Open the junction Box and make a note of the colours coming from the black outside Line . They should be Orange and White. Make a note and disconnect these .


2.) My junction Box then had a white cable going to the master socket down stairs ( this should use Blue,Orange and White/blue ) , Remove these wires and make a note of the colour order.

2.a) If you have multiple cables going to the Junction Box in a star formation this would mean all your extensions run back up-to the junction box so you should repeat step 4 for each cable .


3.) Remove the Junction Box and now wire the Orange and White ( From the outside line ) to your New BT master socket , A should be white and B should be orange.

4.) Now on the inside of the new master socket you should have the numbers 2,3,5. Using the cable that goes to you old master socket , attach like the following

2 > Blue

3> Orange

5> White/Blue

5.) Junction box is now fully complete , attach and screw together . providing your old BT master is still in place you should get a dial tone .

6.) To replace the old master socket will ultimatly depend on what Slave faceplate you get . But to Sum it up , Remove all the old master socket and replace with a socket like this .


You should have a cable coming from the old junction box ( now new master socket ) and also another cable running onto your next slave socket .

Run the cables like the following colour scheme ( unless you have a wiring formation like described in 2.a )

2 > Blue

3> Orange

5> White/Blue


That should now be complete ! Good Luck


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