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Upgrading a VU+ solo Duo 2 Solo2se to V4 Bootloaders And Drivers For Clones

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A Simple Guide on how to upgrade a VU+ Solo2se reciever to the latest v4 drivers for the latest images. This is a rewrite of the Chinese guide that seems to miss a few things ! .



Upgrading a Solo2SE

Download the following files from my website

UPGRADE TOOLS_20140905.rar



1.) Extract the files
2.) Connect the serial cable to the PC and solo2se ( make sure the solo2se is turned off )

3.) Run Update.exe from UPGRADE TOOLS_20140905 ( this will bring up a blank dos prompt)

4.) Now turn on the solo2se ( via the small switch on the back ) and the previous black screen will now show a message regarding update/download now complete .

5.) Now turn off the box via the power switch

Flashing the new boot loader
1.) Open hypertrm.exe from the solo2seclone folder
2.) Enter the following

On the next screen set the following settings

3.)Top box in red choose 115200
Bottom box in red choose “ None”

Before you click ok make sure the box is turned OFF! , Now click OK
Once the hyperterminal window appears ( which should be blank) turn on the solo2se
And the following will appear

3.) Type 12345 as indicated
The following will now show

4.) Press 1

5.) Now goto Transfer > Send File

Click Browse and choose the solo2_bootloader file
Change protocol to Ymodem
And click Send
After this a progress window will appear and wait till that now completes and you are finished.

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  • Guest
    manuel Wednesday, 12 August 2015

    hola necesito ayuda, si puede ser.
    me sale un punto nada mas.

  • Guest
    darius Tuesday, 21 June 2016

    on windows not working do tou know how to update solo2 on windows 7 ? my dariusz2008@yahoo.com

  • Guest
    leov Thursday, 23 August 2018

    Hi Luke,
    If I lanch Update.exe, promt window shows only dots...

    what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you

  • Guest
    mrluke® Wednesday, 26 September 2018

    Sounds like it waiting to connect , Make sure the box is "Fully" turned off before running update.exe

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