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Windows 7 Group Policy / Disabling personalization / Unspecified Error

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A Quick Guide to avoid the dreaded explorer.exe " Unspecified Error " popping up after you use Group Policy to Prevent access to The control panel / Personalization for a OU .



1.) Remove your existing Policy which disables access to the control panel or personalisation and create a new one .


2.) Access User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Show only specified Control Panel items

3.) Add Microsoft.Personalization


4.) Goto Hide specified Control Panel Items and turn this to Disabled.

4.) Log off Windows 7 machine, log back in and try again.


5.) Now users will be able to open up Personalization but wont be able to modify it providing the following has been set in

Control Panel/Personalizationshow


Enable screen saver Disabled  
Force a specific visual style file or force Windows Classic Disabled  
Force specific screen saver Disabled  
Password protect the screen saver Disabled  
Prevent changing color scheme Enabled  
Prevent changing desktop background Enabled  
Prevent changing desktop icons Enabled  
Prevent changing screen saver Enabled  
Prevent changing theme Enabled  
Prevent changing visual style for windows and buttons Enabled  
Prevent changing window color and appearance Enabled  
Prohibit selection of visual style font size Enabled  
Screen saver timeout Disabled


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    Guest Saturday, 18 September 2021

    Basically you create a folder on desktop and rename it

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Guest Thursday, 21 October 2021